Monday, 21 February 2011


“Take me to the edge of the world”
I told the boatman.
Where no feet have trodden,
sights no eyes have seen.
Untouched by hands of men,
virgin winds, unpenetrated by engine or oar.
“But don’t you want to go, he said,
to the lighthouse on the rocks?”
To see the big green parrot fish
and the schools of yellow and blue,
they swim in and out of electric reefs
and in the distance you see rays and turtles too!
“But we went there just yesterday, I cried,
Mr.Boatman, show me something new!”
Everyday I go to the lighthouse
And see what you and everyone do.
Take me someplace I have not seen,
take me there, where no one’s been,
He looked at me with serious eyes,
little girl, I know of a secret place
but I do not trust your twitchy nose,
your trembling lips and your open book face,
So here, little girl, is my proposition:
You will stay blindfolded, eyes opened only in the ocean.
So I sealed my eyes, and held out my hand.
Heart beat wild, I leapt off the land.
Off on a journey to a place faraway
Darkness till I was soaked by the sea.
Under the surface I opened my eyes
and there it was, an unconquered kingdom in its watery glory.
For hours I gaped and searched in wonder
Unchartered territory I unpeeled, layer by layer.
Each coral was different here,
more hues and shades, opaque and sheer,
more light in the luminescence of delicate scales,
more grace in the swish of every tail.
“Boatman, boatman, I must ask now,
where have you brought me?” I pleaded hanging on the bow
I’ve never seen such colours galore,
I’ve never felt this way before.
Eyes crinkled in smile, he said “turn around, my dear”
And there I saw the lighthouse, old strong and familiar...
This place is only yours, little girl.
Other feet might tread it,
but let it leave on a mark on you, you are all yours.
Touched it might be by others,
but look each time anew, and it will touch you.
Only yours, little girl, 
the coral, the fish, the ocean, the world.  

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